Temporary city logistics - constant challenges call for flexible solutions

  • Monday / 05 November / 2018
  • 13:00-16:30


The urbanisation is still strong, and cities undergo a constant growth and change. When talking about city logistics, the focus is often on distribution to shops and offices and how goods can be consolidated or distributed with new types of vehicles. But, those solutions often have a long term focus and the type of solution might not be one that fits temporary projects and events. However, construction logistics and temporary disturbances in the urban environment demand planning from many perspectives and perhaps new types of partnerships, policy and regulations.


In this session, we start from the changes that cities undergo, get inspiration from international expertise and then look into the city of Gothenburg and the massive construction that already started and will take place during the coming decade.

Maria Oscott CLOSER/Lindholmen Science Park
Anna Fredriksson Associate professor Linköping University
Magnus Jäderber Trafikkontoret Göteborgs stad
Tom van Lier Prof. dr. Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Davor Sinik Serneke
Jop Spoelstra Innovation Coordinator Technolution
Ole Stenberg Bygningsdrift
Björn Södahl Trafikkontoret Göteborgs stad


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