Keynote Speaker Aric Dromi, world –famous futurologist and digital philosopher

In order to meet the growing consumerism, new logistics models are needed, that is the words by Aric Dromi, world-renowned futurologist who participates in this year’s Logistics & Transport.

”I give an outward perspective of everything new in progress.”

Dutchman Aric Dromi is one of the main names of Logistics & Transport at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre 7-8 November in Gothenburg. A global authority and inspector who calls himself a futurologist, digital philosopher and ”professional troublemaker”. He is linked to the NTT, Innovation Institute in Silicon Valley and is an in-house futurologist at Volvo Cars.

In his seminar he will bring the listeners on a journey into a relatively near future and paint scenarios with many revolutionary thoughts.
”By telling stories of what can happen, I can help develop concepts about what should happen,” he says.

Innovation and intermodal solutions are key words when he outlines the major challenges in the logistics area for the next 10-15 years.
”The biggest challenge I see in the logistics arena is the need to understand the new context for urban and social consumption.
Logistics must meet increased consumerism with increased interaction in a hybrid world that combines cloud services with the resources in your own data center.”

”We will need to create a new business model that addresses the mutual relationships, the interaction between the different services, rather than a standalone model,” Aric says.

Think outside the box is not the most urgent, he thinks.

”Oh, there are so many who think outside the box today that there is more congestion there than inside the box. Instead, I think we need to rethink the box before we go outside it …
”It’s all about understanding the business we work in, how we can make it attractive, defend it and eventually increase the cake we want”

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