Welcome to submit your seminar proposal for Logistik & Transport 2022

We kindly invite you to submit your seminar proposal for Logistik & Transport 2022. There will be an open scene with awareness-raising seminars and cases from the industry’s leading people gathered under four themes

  • Global supply – What does the future of supply hold, as disruptions are ever increasing?
  • From storage space to solution – What role will Logistics Real Estate play in the transport system of the future?
  • The transition to green energy – How can we achieve climate goals, what will be the driving forces, and where will companies find the financing?
  • The Swedish logtech wonder – Why Swedish companies are world leaders in transport and logistics innovation.


Basic criteria for submission:

Presentations must be up to date. We encourage companies and customers to present current and up-to-date solutions and experiences. The presentation should include customer cases, market trends, inspirational lectures and good examples that can inspire our visitors. Avoid sales presentations to increase interest from the audience.

It is desirable if the lecture has a connection to themes established for the fair, see above.


Practical information

  • Each seminar slot is about 20 minutes
  • On stage there will be standing tables and standard technical equipment, such as a speaker system and screen
  • Technicians are on site for the duration of the stage program
  • Exposure of the seminar on digital screens
  • Exposure of your program item on Wood Products & Technology’s website
  • A seminar at Logistic & Transport is usually 20 minutes long and is to be conducted as a stage presentation with the support of PowerPoint. If another format is desired, such as presentation length or type of lecture (eg workshop), this must be clearly stated in the submitted description.


Description of seminar item


Must be relevant, notional and comprehensible.


If you register the seminar for another speaker, please check the box and click on the plus sign to add the speaker.

Seminar description

The complete description will also be published on the website. Describe your topic in a way to create an interest from a potential audience.


You can log in and make additions as long as the registration is open until, 2nd September.



For your seminar to be considered, the following deadlines apply:

  • 2 September 2022: proposal submission deadline
  • 8-9 November 2022: dates for Logistick & Transport 2022


Admission is ongoing, so please submit your proposal at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact: Malena Eklund, Content Planner, malena.eklund@svenskamassan.se Phone +46 31-708 82 81

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